Navarre has developed a publicprivate network to enhance the synergies between the agents that support entrepreneurship and private initiative.

SODENA, the public company which coordinates development of the strategic plan and is the instrument of financial support, mainly through venture capital.

CEIN, the agent which promotes entrepreneurship, are all aligned to make technology, financing and counselling for entrepreneurs/businesspeople a reality.

ADItech, the agent which coordinates the technology centres.

The proximity of the authorities, universities, technology centres, business organisations and local development agencies creates an ideal space for communication and creativity for business.

In addition, the Navarre Network of entrepreneurship support, promoted by the Navarre Employment Service in the framework of the II Entrepreneurship Plan in Navarra 2017-2019, has the mission to inform, advise and guide in an adequate, efficient and homogeneous way entrepreneurs, promoting the creation of new businesses and job creation, through coordinated actions of all their agents.

The website brings together the offer of the Navarre Network for entrepreneurship support and announces the services offered by the Network to all entrepreneurs, companies and society.

You can meet the members of the Network in the following link.